Hot Peel Vs Cold Peel Transfer Papers

If you have been in the printing industries for quite some time now, you must be familiar with the heat transfer printing technique using heat transfer papers which is an indirect printing method where inks are printed on to transfer paper, dried, then transferred using a heat press machine on to garment of choice.

There are two types of transfer papers which are light based transfer paper and dark based transfer paper. If you are new to this business however, read the differences between those two types of papers here.

Heat transfers using the heat transfer printing techniques are produced in two methods known as Hot Peel and Cold Peel. Are you familiar with Hot Peel and Cold Peel transfer papers?

The hot peel method is when the transfer paper is peeled off immediately while the transferred design is still hot. When the paper is peeled hot, a portion of ink remains on the paper and the rest on the fabric. Hot transfers feels just like screen prints, it offers a softer hand effect. The colour transfer is more vivid if it is used with pigment inks.

Hot Peel Transfer Paper

Hot Peel Transfer Paper

Whereas the cold peel method is when the transfer paper is allowed to cool down completely after the transfer is applied. Then later after it has cooled down completely, the transfer paper will be removed.  This method leaves a semi-glossy, rubbery feel to the print.

Cold Peel Transfer Paper

Cold Peel Transfer Paper

To ensure that the transferred design is durable, when washing the garments turn it inside out and wash using a mild detergent on cold water setting. Do not use bleach and do not iron directly on the transferred designs.

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Decorate Tote Bags with Iron-on-Transfer Paper

Tote bags can be used for so many purposes and it is also very cheap. Rather than having just plain boring tote bags, why not spice things up with decorating it yourself? There are various methods to decorate tote bags.

Some people like to sew buttons, beads or materials on their tote bags.

While others like to draw and colour their tote bags with fabric markers or fabric dyes.

However for those who do not have “artistic hands”…today we’re going to share with you on how to decorate your tote bags with designs you can download online and then transfer those images onto your tote bag using transfer paper and an iron.

First, the materials that you will need are:

  1. Transfer paper – You can purchase transfer paper in craft or art supplies stores or purchase it at DIY Printing Supply.
  2. Paper towel
  3. Scissors
  4. An image/design as a digital file on the computer
  5. Computer
  6. Printer – Preferably inkjet for better colour quality
  7. Plain canvas tote bag – Tote bags can be purchased on Instagram or in craft stores.
  8. Iron
  9. Iron board

The steps are super easy:

  1. Choose a design or photo that you would like to have on your tote bag.
  2. If the desired design is not already on your computer, then upload or scan it so that you have it in a digital file.
  3. Print the design onto a sheet of iron-on transfer paper.
  4. Once you have already printed out the design, trim the edges of with a pair of scissors.
  5. Lay you tote bag flat and position the design onto your tote bag.
  6. Place a paper towel on top of the design and using a hot iron, iron the design carefully. Iron until the transfer paper is fully pasted onto the tote bag.
  7. Peel off the transfer paper slowly and the design should be pasted nicely on your tote bag.

Care for your tote bag by hand-washing the tote bag after it is turned inside out to prevent the image from damaging.

Maybe if you love creating d.i.y projects like these so much, you can turn it into a business.

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3 Major Benefits Of Transfer Printing

05There are many reasons why transfer printing became popular in heat transfer printing business. In this article, we’ll share with you 3 major reasons for you to be involved in heat transfer printing business using the transfer printing method.

  1. Lower cost: transfer printing process required just transfer paper, pigment ink and heat press machine. Overall the capital to start-up business is cheaper or affordable.
  2. Technical friendly: handling a heat press machine is not as hard as you think. Most of the machines is user friendly and easy to use. You can either do it by yourself or hire someone to handle it.
  3. Minimum space required. Most of the machines for transfer printing are portable and does not require maximum space. Furthermore, in heat transfer printing, you can do single printing. This is great as you’re not require to find a big task to clear up your stock.

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The Dark Based VS Light Based Transfer Printing

01There are two types of transfer paper in transfer printing namely the dark based transfer paper and the light based transfer paper. It is important to know how to differentiate between dark-based transfer paper and light-based transfer paper.

In the light based transfer printing process, the heat is applied to the light transfer paper’s protective sheet. The printed coated film releases itself from the protective sheet and adheres to the fabric or T-shirt.

While in the dark based transfer printing process, the coated film has the adhesive on the back side. Light colours are more challenging to see on dark coloured surfaces because it will appear as the actual colour when the transferring is done.

This video tutorial below will explain further about the differences between light based transfer paper and the dark based transfer paper. Click PLAY to start watching~

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Heat Press Machine for Photo T Shirt Printing

DFHP-M5040 DFHP-M5040-c

Semi Auto Heat Press Machine is suitable for heavy t-shirt printing business. This machines is very user friendly as it allows for manual closing process with automatic opening.

The digital technology in semi-auto heat press machines enables precise control of heat and pressure levels and timing. This automation may improve your T-shirt printing speed and productivity. It also help to printing t-shirt easily and provide perfect results.

Video tutorial below will guide you on how to print t-shirt with semi auto magnetic heat press machine. Enjoy~

Start small but with appropriate skills, you’re able to conquer this market successfully.

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What is Sublimation Transfer Papers?

Sublimation-PapersSublimation transfer paper is best used with sublimation inks for heat transfer printing. Sublimation paper is important for sublimation printing. The combination of sublimation ink and paper with perfect set up for temperature and pressure, will leads to great printing result.

Also, some customers assume that this transfer paper is actually a normal A4 we could buy outside.

Well, sublimation transfer paper is actually playing a critical role in the final output quality of your sublimated product.


BRAND NAME   % Transferred on Sublimation Blanks
X Brand - 50% (another 50% of inks WASTED)
DIYPrintingSupply - 90%

Again, sublimation transfer papers are IMPORTANT for an excellent heat transfer printing’s output. Why? It is because the sublimation transfer paper is the medium to transfer the inks onto the sublimation blanks.

Just imagine, if it is a poor transfer paper, it will only transfer 50% of sublimation inks onto sublimation blanks, and you will waste another 50% of sublimation inks every time. In long run business, this is very …. well, your inks are your money. Get it?

To save the cost of heat transfer printing, we have the best quality imported sublimation transfer papers for you. It is up to 95% of inks transferred over sublimation blanks. Not believe? Try it out.

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Transfer Paper for Light Based and Dark Based

transfer-paperThere are 2 types of transfer paper which is light based and dark based transfer paper.

  1. Light based transfer paper:
    Designed for transferring inkjet images to light garments and substrates including T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, leather, along with other garments. It offers a softer hand effect. The image can be cut with cutting plotter or trimmed as desired.
  2. Dark based transfer paper:
    Designed for transferring inkjet images to dark or other colored garments and substrates including T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, leather, along with other garments. It offers a softer hand and allows for photo-quality transfers with a white base. The image can be plotter cut or trimmed as desired.

To see clearer view on the differences between the dark based and light based transfer paper, you may view the table below:

compare dark and light transfer paper

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Introduction of The Heat Press Machine & Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Press Machine- HEATranzHeat press machines are used to imprint a graphic design on a gift item such as mugs, fabrics, plate and many more. Heat press machines require the combination of heat together with pressure.

There are 3 versions of heat press machines:

  1. Manual heat press
  2. Semi automatic heat press
  3. Automatic heat press

Most DIY business owners prefer to choose a semi automatic heat press due to it being easier to handle, cost effective and efficient.

Heat press machines can also be found in various types such as flatten plate, clamshell, swing-away, and draw-style-press designs. Different heat press machine will help you to produce different DIY gift products.

Here are some of the examples:

Flat Press Machine: Helps to transfer A4-sized graphic images onto flat surface item such as T-shirts, pillow cushions, jigsaw puzzles, phone cases etc.

Mug Press Machine: Helps you transfer image design on coated ceramic, porcelain or polymer mugs. It takes about 3 minutes to print your photo on a mug using this machine.

Cap Press Machine: Helps to transfer designs on caps with fast-heating head, strong support base, simple operation and easy cap mounting clamp.

Heat Transfer PrintingHeat press machines are used during a process called heat transfer printing. You should know that there are 3 methods in heat transfer printing.

  1. Sublimation Printing
  2. Transfer Printing
  3. Vinyl Printing

The beauty of heat transfer printing is it helps you to make high-quality products with colorful prints using the actual photo. Heat transfer printing also gives you a chance to be creative by adding designs or photo on a blank products to increase its value.

Heat transfer printing is also known as a low cost and high profit business. The starting cost for buying heat press machine is only from RM 1,xxx.

TipsBefore starting a DIY gift business, it is highly advisable for you to find out more about the heat press machine and heat transfer printing.

There are numerous of tips and articles about heat press from the internet or you can click button below to start NOW!!!

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What is Heat Press Machine & Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Press Machine- HEATranzHeat press machine is a unique machine that is engineered to transfer any design or photo onto a substrate i.e. T-shirts, cushions, etc.

There are various types of heat press machines that you can find in the market i.e. the Combo Heat Press Machine, the Flat Press Machine, the Mug Press Machine and the Cap Press Machine. Each type of heat press can produce different types of DIY gift products such as photo T-shirt, photo mugs, photo puzzle, personalised caps and many more.

Heat Press Machines are available in manual, semi-auto and fully automatic. The latest technology of heat press machine is the semi-auto heat press. This machine allows you to manually start operating, and will automatically turn off once the printing is finished. This is why, most DIY business owners prefer semi-auto heat presses.

Heat Transfer PrintingNormally heat press machines are used during the process of transferring an image or graphic onto substances. This process is cited as heat transfer printing.

In heat transfer printing, it requires the usage of heat and pressure. During the process, you must apply heat and pressure in a specific period of time.

There are 3 modes of heat transfer printing, namely Sublimation Printing, Transfer Printing and Vinyl Printing.

The benefits of heat transfer printing is because it is flexible and cost effective. For example, you can print a single mug at one time. This is why in DIY gift business, there are no minimum order quantity (MOQ). It also helps you to manage inventory effectively.

 Tips for Heat Transfer PrintingBefore you decide to get in this business and find yourself a heat press machine. You should make time to do some research about this business. There are millions of tips on heat press machines and heat transfer printing that you can find from the internet.

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Difference between Light and Dark Based Transfer Papers

giftGift giving can be extremely difficult especially if it is for a person that you are not familiar with. These days, customized gifts are some of the most popular choices in the market. In order to fulfil these customized gifts, undergoing custom printing is necessary. Some of the few examples that require custom printing and uses transfer papers are customized T-shirts, tote bags and mouse pads. They are also flexible in terms of expense because it allows printing to be done in a small quantity. Plus, it is not limited to only gift giving, customized gifts can also be souvenirs for corporate events or door gifts for weddings, birthdays and many more.

Ripple Junction - The Big Bang Theory Bazinga Justice League Teenon-woven-bag-happy-client

Transfer paper is most ideal to be used with a heat press machine, however some transfer papers can be used with your traditional house iron. The steps are quite simple, all you need to do is have your design ready, print it on a transfer paper and then transfer it onto your chosen garments using a heat press machine. Transfer papers are used to make this possible, whether it is on light or dark coloured garments, or using an inkjet or laser printer, transfer papers can be used to print any graphics of your choice.

There are two types of transfer papers available in the market, light based and dark based transfer papers. It all depends on the type of fabrics that you have chosen for your project. Both transfer papers enable you to have easy access to it as it is available online or in stores at a reasonable price.

Let’s talk about the first type of transfer paper, which is the light based transfer papers. These only work best when printed on light coloured fabrics such as white, light grey or beige. However that doesn’t mean that light based transfer papers is not possible to be used on other coloured fabrics, it’s just that the image may take on the colour of the fabric besides the fact that the design you have printed earlier on may not turn out exactly like what you desired. Meanwhile, if you are using the dark based transfer papers, it can be used on any coloured fabrics of your choice. The dark based transfer papers also have a thicker feel and have a more opaque white background.

Light based transfer paper Dark based transfer paper
Best on light coloured fabrics Any coloured fabrics
Lighter feel Thicker feel
Image clarity depends on the colour of the fabric Has clearer image and colour consistency


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